Kora kora kora!

I’m really looking forward to playing Kora at the International Festival in Manchester with the band Delphic in July! It’s going to be interesting to play alongside gamelan and other unusual instruments from around the world in an acoustic rendering of their latest album. It should be a sell-out event and will introduce the Kora to a new audience.

I’ve also been asked to play on a couple of tracks alongside the new Manchester International Roots Orchestra in their concert on Saturday 22 June at the RNCM. It will be good to be involved as a performer as well as being on the Project Management Team for this collaboration between Community Arts Northwest and RNCM.

My hero, Sura Susso is coming to play as part of Culture Shots at Central Manchester University Hospitals on 3rd July at 2pm. I rather selfishly invited him so I could revel in his incredible kora playing. I had the pleasure and privilege of playing alongside him under the tree in Sukuta, Gambia when I was having lessons with Hammay Saho. Then I got to hear Sura and Hammay playing together which was one of those unforgettable experiences in life. Hammay’s virtuosity combined with Sura’s cheekiness made a winning combination.

I’m going to be making some video and audio to post on the blog as many people are starting to ask me about the Kora. Anyway, back to practising now!


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