Finzi Scholarship

For anyone interested in my trip to Africa last November to study with Hammay Saho, you can find out a few things about it in the report I have drawn together for the Finzi Trust, who gave me a funded scholarship in order to go. I couldn’t have done it otherwise so I am deeply grateful to them. The report isn’t an exhaustive account of my trip, nor is it a complete guide to the Kora. It’s just a series of reflections which I hope will be interesting. It has certainly been interesting to reflect back more formally after months of practising what I learned to make sure I wouldn’t forget! What I learned is truly alive in the Kora music I play, but the written account and photos offer another perspective. I’m off to London on Saturday to present this to the Trust and celebrate with other Finzi scholars! Click on the picture of me to watch a video of music at Hammay’s brother’s baby’s Kullio (naming ceremony)!

Kora school, Sukuta, Gambia

Kora school, Sukuta, Gambia

Finzi Report Holly Marland 2012


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