In others’ eyes I see my life. In my eyes they see their life. Musicality has been going on! It’s been a good week. There have been funding applications but they have been interspersed with musical interactions all over the shop. Delphic rehearsals are going well, I’m enjoying playing a tricky solo part written by … Continue reading


I realised this week that there is a lot to learn. Wherever we are, there’s still more to come! I’m a Korababy, not yet a Koraqueen. But I’ll tell you who did play for the Queen. Mr Jali Sura Susso – not too shabby – with the whole smiling coast of Africa shining from his … Continue reading

A wonderfully busy week

  Last week I played Kora at a primary school for children with special educational needs in Blakeley, then at Seashell Trust College for young adults with complex communication difficulties, then at a boisterous open mic night at The Social, a club for the healthcare staff at CMFT, then for wedding in Manchester Museum in … Continue reading