Eye HospitalEye Hospital

Eye HospitalEye Hospital

In others’ eyes I see my life. In my eyes they see their life.

Musicality has been going on! It’s been a good week. There have been funding applications but they have been interspersed with musical interactions all over the shop. Delphic rehearsals are going well, I’m enjoying playing a tricky solo part written by someone who’s never played the Kora but has obviously taken a lot on board. The band are are a nice set of fellows! Right up my alley, in a manner of speaking!

I love working with Michael Cretu in our very special duo, Koranimbasso. String Box. Whatever our special duo becomes! Lovely lovely lovely time at St Andrews in Levenshulme with the whole school and then about 15 kids with hearing impairments, making more groovy songs and singing Baani Lay and Sori. Then Lancasterian School with families with tiny tots with hearing and visual impairments. Mums and Dads singing. All of us singing from lots of different countries, a lady from Nigeria taught me a song that is like Baani Lay but is Baawo Ni …Alfia which is a welcome song. Welcome home, wealthy men, as long as you have been loyal!



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