Mora Kora

I’ve been busy in the last couple of months preparing to sell my house and leave my job of 17 years at the RNCM in order to have more time to practice the kora, write music, share music in the community and be a free human being rather than being an institutionalised inhuman ‘doing’. I’ve still been keeping up the practice and performances which have included a recording day at 80hz studios sampling the delights of the kora, a live BBC broadcast of music I arranged for Kora and choir (here’s a demo of one of the tracks I recorded myself at home – audio from broadcast to follow soon), performances for Oxjam and Black History Month and for the rasta HQ of Manchester at 232 in Hulme. When the house sale goes through (Offer accepted, Subject to Contract) and I’ve left the RNCM (Feb 2014), I’ll have 3 days of my life back each week to make music and it is going to be brilliant. I don’t have to worry about earning a living – I can just live music. Here’s to mora kora…

studio kora


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