Happy New Year


2014 was a blur of activity, leaving my job at the RNCM in March after 19 years and finally becoming a fully freelance Kora player and singer. There was a lot to reflect on at the end the year including over 50 concerts in diverse settings from concert halls to old people’s residential homes and special needs schools, broadcasts on Radio 4, recordings, music for health projects, compositions. A whirlwind, hence the lack of blog updates! Most of the news was posted on our Stringboxes site which has become an important focus in my work as Michael Cretu (double bass) and I have a fantastic musical partnership.

So, to wish you all the best for this year and to kickstart more Blog entries here’s a song I recorded on New Year’s Eve called The Gate of a New Year.

Tune in to Radio 4 Longwave at 9.45am on 19 March to hear my arrangements and a special new composition for Kora and choir, performed by me on Kora alongside singers from the BBC Daily Service and Michael Cretu on Double Bass.


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