Adele – Hello

Well, I posted an acapella arrangement of Adele’s new song ‘Hello’ on Soundcloud on the day of its release and it’s been interesting to see that 3400 people have clicked on the link since Friday. Whether they listened is another matter but we can quickly become obsessed with the ease at which others can access our endeavours. Let’s make those endeavours matter! I transcribed the song with a view to it being useful when we share music with young people in healthcare settings. I’m glad to have spent the time in learning something that others will appreciate!

8 thoughts on “Adele – Hello

  1. Hi Holly!
    I’m Charmaine, a senior in high school and I stumbled upon your A Cappella version of “Hello”. It sounds great! I’m leader of my school’s Women’s A Cappella club and I was wondering if you share/publish your sheet music anywhere and if we could possibly use it. Let me know what you think, thanks!

    • There’s no sheet music for it I am afraid. There are probably all kinds of copyright issues with transcribing it! Sorry about that. I can write you a special piece for your choir on a commissioned basis if you like? Thanks for your interest

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