CBeebies Video and Radio recordings

I was lucky to be part of a specially commissioned project for BBC Music Day which involved performing keyboard and recorder on ‘Our Song’ for CBeebies Radio. Sasha Johnson Manning composed a special work based on the lyrics of schoolchildren from Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England. You can watch the video here http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/radio/music-day-our-song and you can … Continue reading

Adele – Hello

Well, I posted an acapella arrangement of Adele’s new song ‘Hello’ on Soundcloud on the day of its release and it’s been interesting to see that 3400 people have clicked on the link since Friday. Whether they listened is another matter but we can quickly become obsessed with the ease at which others can access … Continue reading


This piece I wrote recently seems especially pertinent as people are fleeing their own homes and seeking refuge in the unknown. A terrible terrible situation. It’s a series of reflections I wrote about exile, migration and slavery for RNCM’s Big Weekender. Click on the holy tree to listen. Continue reading